Teaching in the Online Classroom

Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal By Doug Lemov in 2020

Welcome back to my new and deep review on Doug Lemov’s Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal.

Let’s investigate this book and contain and for what reason is it significant in the modern society.

Teaching in the Online Classroom

Without a moment to spare for a school year that is beginning under a Covid-19 haze of vulnerability, Lemov and his TLAC associates have arranged an ideal new book, Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal. .

Lemov and his co-writer in the altered volume’s lead paper, Erica Woolway, comprehend this plainly. “No one asked for the world to change, but it has”, they write. “As teachers, that means there’s work to be done.”  By their own personal excellent affirmation, they recognize “the absolute necessity of getting better at what we do now, no matter the circumstances.” The protected TLAC center around reasonableness that has helped an age of educators accomplish fitness rapidly is particularly in proof. We won’t be making any Ted Talks on the seamless, frictionless, automatic teaching future waiting for us if we could just embrace technology,” Lemov and Woolway compose.

As well as “the experience of learning on the web will probably be less profitable for most understudies than homerooms are. It might be significantly so for some, and such that impacts the most weak students most,” they watch.

Covid-19 has created a “second, educational pandemic” that is best fought, they insist, by focusing on “the core of the craft.” 

What Will You Get From This Book

Because of these reasons the value of the Doug Lemov’s book can not be measured. Timely it has much benefits in order to continue the education keeping the social distance. Using this book, you will be able to,

  • Learn strategies for engaging students more fully online
  • Find new techniques to assess student progress from afar
  • Discover tools for building online classroom culture, combating online distractions, and more
  • Watch videos of teachers building rigor and relationships during online instruction

The New Normal features real-world examples you can apply and adapt right away in your own online classroom to allow you to survive and thrive online.

Teaching in the Online Classroom



Teaching in the Online Classroom – Overview of the Book

TitleTeaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal
AuthorDoug Lemov
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, 2020
ISBN1119762936, 9781119762935
Length192 page

The Author’s Note About The Book

A timely guide to online teaching strategies from best-selling author Doug Lemov and the Teach like a Champion team

School closures in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic resulted in an immediate and universal pivot to online teaching. More than 3.7 million teachers in the US were suddenly asked to teach in an entirely new setting with little preparation and no advance notice. This has caused an unprecedented threat to children’s education, giving rise to an urgent need for resources and guidance. 

The New Normal is a just-in-time response to educators’ call for help. Teaching expert Doug Lemov and his colleagues spent weeks studying videos of online teaching and they now provide educators in the midst of this transition with a clear guide to engaging and educating their students online. 

Although the transition to online education is happening more abruptly than anyone anticipated, technology-supported teaching may be here to stay. This guide explores the challenges involved in online teaching and guides educators and administrators to identify and understand best practices. It is a valuable tool to help you and your students succeed in synchronous and asynchronous settings this school year and beyond.

What costumers Says about the Book

Teaching in the Online Classroom

As someone who has been in the classroom for over 20 years, the monumental changes imposed by Covid can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot of advice floating around, but nothing I’ve read has been so practical. Reading how to incorporate Pause Points and Accountability Loops makes planning online lessons easier and saner. The straightforward and minimalistic approach to learning technology is also a relief; when so much is so new I appreciate the simplicity. I like that it’s a fast read with applications I can use right away. Since this is a much smaller book than Teach Like a Champion, I would also recommend that book for more content.

Teaching in the Online Classroom

It’s not an in-depth manual for the new normal of distance learning, but it’s not supposed to be. Chapters are light reads that are focused on the basics of Zoom and Google Meets. Each chapter has helpful sidebars that summarize the key points for easy reference. The book is very dog-ear friendly for note takers. Followers of the 80-20 rule will love this book.

Sources : Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal By Doug Lemov

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